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Enterprise Agility places great emphasis on developing robust sensing capabilities to detect signals of change and disruption early. This is critical in today's exponential markets where entire business models can be impacted rapidly.

Unlike other agile approaches that focus more on improving software or product development or workflows, Enterprise Agility considers sensing and adaptation essential competencies for the entire organization. It provides frameworks like the Enterprise Agility Dynamic Radar to continuously monitor many dimensions—from customer needs, to potential market disruptions, workforce skills, and more.

With advanced sensing, companies gain valuable foresight to proactively adapt. For example, a retail company could detect shifting consumer preferences through social listening and rapidly adjust their product mix or channel strategies. Or a manufacturer might identify a new technology that alters their industry landscape, allowing them to explore adjacent business models.

Enterprise Agility emphasizes that sensing must go deeper than just data gathering. It requires developing a learning culture talented in detecting weak signals, connecting dots between trends, and applying collective wisdom. This prevents reactive responses or getting distracted by "bright shiny objects."

Overall, Enterprise Agility's sophisticated sensing capabilities allow organizations to spot opportunities early, respond at scale, and consistently reimagine the future. This leads to higher innovation, resilience and shared success in facing exponential change.

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