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Enterprise Agility offers a powerful new mindset and set of tools to help organizations navigate rapid change. As experienced PROSCI practitioners, you know the importance of equipping leaders, managers, and employees with the skills to lead and embrace change. While PROSCI's ADKAR model focuses on the human aspects of change, Enterprise Agility provides guidance on adapting at a systems level.

Rather than applying change management techniques, Enterprise Agility encourages fundamentally rethinking how we structure, organize, and operate our businesses. It moves beyond incremental improvements to reinventing our operating models, products, and services to keep pace with exponential change. This also includes a new way of creating value and new a new financial model for companies exposed to exponential change.

At the core of Enterprise Agility is the belief that continuous adaptation and innovation are necessary during accelerated change, but only can be achieved with low stress levels for people and organizations. Companies can no longer just tweak existing business models. They must develop the capacity to continuously explore new ideas, test assumptions, and make bold changes to stay relevant.

Some useful Enterprise Agility concepts and tools include:

While PROSCI brings clear steps to influence change in companies, Enterprise Agility is about creating a culture and systems that embrace change as the new normal. Considering Enterprise Agility can help companies continuously adapt and even capitalize on disruption.

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