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Scrum provides a framework for product development that emphasizes iterative delivery, close collaboration, and rapid feedback cycles.

While effective, Scrum teams can become overly focused on goals only related to customer value. The TriValue Company (TVC) model offers a way to expand Scrum’s perspective to optimize value creation across customers, the company, and the workforce.

Integrating TVC into Scrum involves:

Redefining Value - Scrum defines value mainly in terms of working software that meets customer needs. TVC expands value to include company sustainability and workforce wellbeing. The Product Owner represents “customer value” but TVC requires also considering company and workforce value in decisions.

Expanding Focus - The standard Scrum events—Sprint Planning, Daily Standups, Sprint Reviews and Retrospectives—tend to focus on the team’s immediate workload. Applying TVC means also discussing wider strategic goals, risks, and cross-team dependencies that impact value creation. For this, Enterprise Agility uses Future Thinking.

Customizing Artifacts - The Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog can be expanded to include criteria for company sustainability and workforce wellbeing priorities. The Sprint Review can include assessing value delivered across all three TVC dimensions (stakeholders).

Modifying Roles - The roles of Product Owner and Scrum Master must not just represent the customer but also advocate for company and workforce considerations. They should encourage broad thinking beyond the team.

Adopting New Practices - Additional TVC practices like value stream mapping, regular strategy reviews and assessing team health can highlight cross-cutting constraints and dependencies. Leadership checks at the system level can also ensure alignment across teams.

The insights from the 3 sections of accelerated change science should also be incorporated as practices or recommendations to better understand how the workforce deals with rapid change.

By evolving Scrum teams to a TVC mindset, organizations gain the ability to quickly deliver customer value while sustaining long-term success. Work becomes more meaningful when people see their contributions benefit the company and society while enabling their own growth. The result is Shared progress.

For more detailed information about Spot Indicators, check Enterprise Agility Fundamentals, Chapter 8.

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