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You know the turbulence in today's global markets better than most. Disruptive technologies, changing consumer expectations, and geopolitical instability make change the only constant. How can companies not only stay afloat but thrive in such an environment? The TriValue Company Model offers a promising path forward.

This model comes from decades of research on corporate resilience. Erich R. Bühler and the Enterprise Agility University insights from economics, psychology, and other fields to develop a practical model for shared progress in the midst of exponential change.

At its core, the TriValue Company recognizes that it is no longer enough today to simply optimize returns for shareholders. Yes, profits are important—no company can survive without financial sustainability. But focusing too much on the bottom line can cause the company to overlook other risks. Without continuous innovation and collaboration, customer loyalty dwindles. An unhappy workforce reduces productivity and flexibility over time.

That's why TriValue Company model balances and promotes three interrelated dimensions of value creation: value to the customer, value to the company, and value to the wellbeing of the workforce. It provides specific frameworks and models to make each of these dimensions tangible.

Customer Value focuses on co-creating outstanding experiences and innovations that address diverse, evolving needs. It comes down to anticipating and recognizing challenges and opportunities. Rigid offerings are replaced by adaptive partnerships.

Company Value encompasses not only financial sustainability, but also effectiveness, environmental sustainability, and the ability to change course quickly in response to market changes. Experimentation and prudent risk-taking drive development here.

Workforce Wellbeing Value recognizes people skills and growth as critical assets, not just costs. Fostering collective potential through transparency, empowerment and goal setting creates engaged, resilient teams that become a competitive advantage.

No single value dimension is more important than the others. Optimizing one dimension at the expense of the others leads to dysfunctionality. But synchronizing efforts across all three dimensions creates maximum adaptability to exponential change.

Tools such as the TriValue Company Matrix help economists and leaders understand the current state of each value dimension to uncover gaps and opportunities for realignment. Continuous monitoring through spot indicators makes experiences visible. Future Thinking models in Enterprise Agility highlights emerging scenarios to stay ahead of change.

The TriValue Company Model offers a promising vision for how organizations can not only survive, but truly thrive in today's headwinds and hidden currents.

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