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We use several frameworks and models in the community, such as the MLE (Memorable Learning Experience) to create great sessions, and the AIC framework to create tangible results that benefit everyone. We know that changing organizations and communities is no small feat.

Real change requires sustained effort and commitment from all involved. Yet so often our good intentions get lost in the busyness of daily work and life. How can we turn intentions in the EA World community into impact?

The AIC framework provides a simple but powerful model for activating change amidst complexity. AIC stands for:

AIC is a model to help us organize community outcomes and turn intentions into meaningful impact. The AIC framework recognizes that real change requires effort across multiple horizons—quick wins to build momentum paired with long-term improvement and ongoing contribution. By classifying outcomes and priorities according to activate, improve, and contribute, we can ensure our community's efforts deliver tangible results.

Activation gets us moving through immediate action, improvement sustains progress through commitment over time, and contribution allows us to give back along the way. AIC provides clarity of focus and purpose - we activate change in the now, steadily improve capabilities for the future, and contribute value to the world around us. With AIC, we can align daily outcomes to a larger vision.

What makes AIC so valuable is its multifaceted approach across different time horizons. Progress depends on the interplay of quick wins, long-term development, and daily acts of service. Let's check it in more detail:

As the markets are changing, what citizens need in the community must evolve too! In a rapidly changing world, we cannot afford to wait for the perfect plan or conditions. There will always be challenges to overcome and improvements to make. But progress starts with the first step—activation.

By taking small actions to move forward, improving skills and processes over time, and contributing value along the way, we can drive change individually and collectively. AIC provides clarity and direction.

The only question is, where will you start? What will you activate today? Progress takes persistence, not perfection. Let the AIC framework guide you to turn intentions into impact through continual action!

Balancing Short and Long-Term

When you are working with other Contributors in the community, you should be aware balance of short-term activation initiatives, longer-term improvement goals, and consistent contribution to their community. However, activation should take priority to drive momentum.

Every initiative should include identifying and selecting focused actions that can be accomplished in the next 1-2 weeks to move priorities forward. These activating steps should also plan how to make those achievements visible to the rest of the community.

Creating Clear Objectives

Your initiative should also track Shared Progress. These require breaking down into incremental objectives over weeks and months. But improvement without activation risks delayed implementation.

Think also of the rhythm. A healthy rhythm should consist of activating new initiatives, improving existing programs on a timeline, and contributing consistently. But without activation as the driving force, intentions may not translate into impact. Quick wins build momentum and exercise continuous visibility of the achievements to the community.

For a working group, create shared outcomes in blue.cc. Add activation tasks, longer-term intention goals, and contributions. Use status indicators like "In Progress" and "Completed" so group members can see real-time advancement.

To broadcast progress to the wider EA World community, consider posting weekly updates of AIC task completion rates and key milestone achievements. Keep language simple and graphics straightforward for easy digestion. Tell success stories of activations and improvements that exemplify community priorities. Celebrate consistent contribution through recognition.

And before you define a new outcome, define how you will track it. Numbers enable tracking, while stories connect people to purpose. By spotlighting measurable activation across the AIC model, working groups and communities can energize ongoing improvement.

For all seeking to drive change in the community and beyond, the AIC framework lights the way. Activate change through immediate action. Improve deliberately over time. And contribute to others without hesitation. Amid complexity and uncertainty, AIC provides clarity and purpose for our community!

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