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As seasoned transformation consultants, we're often asked by clients about the best methods for putting bold new frameworks like TriValue Company into practice. The vision may resonate, but people crave more concrete steps to drive adoption and align efforts. This is where the disciplined goal-setting approach of OKRs can be a game-changer.

On the surface, OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and the TriValue Model may seem disconnected. TriValue provides a paradigm for optimizing balanced outcomes, while OKRs offer a tactical methodology for defining measurable objectives.

However, we've found the two reinforce each other beautifully when integrated thoughtfully. TriValue supplies the "why"—a north star for focus areas most vital for multi-dimensional shared progress. OKRs then provide the "how"—a mechanism for coordinating activity and gauging progress toward TriValue goals. Here's an example of their symbiosis:

A company seeking to become a TriValue organization may use collaborative workshops to determine a key objective should be improving workforce wellbeing value. OKRs then help them get specific—establishing targets like "Increase employee engagement score from 68% to 80% satisfied by fiscal quarter end as measured by pulse surveys."

This allows effort alignment across the company towards meaningful TriValue outcomes. It also maintains accountability through regular check-ins on objective and key result progress. Rather than just hoped-for benefits, OKRs create urgency and focus.

To gain optimal synergy, I coach clients to:

With this integrated approach, TriValue and OKRs truly complement each other in driving organizations forward with focus. Teams gain clarity, alignment and empowerment.

Of course, mindset shift takes time. But helping companies implement these frameworks together plants seeds for genuine culture change and balanced progress that endures into the future. The leadership commitment must be there, but the path ahead is full of potential.

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