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Welcome to the heart of the Enterprise Agility movement. Here you'll find a place to truly belong, united with changemakers passionate about shaping the future of organizations. Surround yourself with a community where learning never stops and fresh thinking flows freely.

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Join our global network of changemakers who are shaping the future of organizations. Collaborate with thought leaders at the forefront of enterprise agility and accelerated change.

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Whether you're a change leader, manager, consultant or Talent/HE, Enterprise Agility Fundamentals will expand your capabilities. Gain insights from 30+ years of knowledge distilled down into applicable guidance. Learn how to sense weak signals, rapidly reconfigure business models, foster workforce resilience and create value for all stakeholders.

 The Operating Model for Organizations Exposed to Market Disruption and Accelerated Change 

The aspects of Enterprise Agility define your organization's cultural operating model consisting of 4 primary interconnected areas: Individuals, Change, Strategy, and Leadership.

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Enterprise Agility

Democratizing the future of business - we've made the Enterprise Agility ecosystem available to all.

Why Becoming Open Source?

Since October 15, 2023, the models and frameworks for enterprise agility have been open source and accessible to everyone. This decision is crucial when businesses, governments and institutions are facing unprecedented uncertainty, exponential technological change, AI-driven disruption and economic volatility leading to downsizing in many sectors.


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These items, featuring the Enterprise Agility iconic logo and others, are a great way to show your support for the Enterprise Agility movement! Whether at conferences and events or simply in the office, our t-shirts, caps, mugs and more will get people talking about this new way of doing things. The products are also delivered worldwide!



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