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The terms and concepts in this glossary form the basis for Enterprise Agility, an organizational ecosystem to build sustainable organizations and shared progress.

Unless expressly attributed to additional contributors during this book, all entries within this glossary, including terms, models, frameworks, theories, and concepts, were created by Erich R.Bühler, CEO and founder of Enterprise Agility University.

These definitions provide a starting point for understanding a new way of doing business and succeeding in an era of constant change. Many words, names, or definitions did not exist before, so he had to create them to build a new reality for organizations. Enterprise Agility provides an ambitious vision and a practical framework for building sustainable enterprises. It provides Leaders and Change Professionals with tools and approaches to guide their companies through uncertainty and accelerated change. But remember that any method is only as valuable as we understand its fundamental principles and components.

This glossary is also designed to convey the essence and meaning of the Enterprise Agility Way of Thinking (EAWT). It defines the language that enables inclusion, shared vision, and a common purpose within and across the organization. We hope that by describing the elements that make up an innovative and adaptive culture, we can accelerate understanding and provide you with new ideas to face a new reality.

This initial version has been created by Erich R. Bühler. All models are given under the Creative Commons v4.0. Check CC BY-NC 4.0 for more details

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