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As this glossary provides models, frameworks, tools, and techniques for building future-ready organizations and shared progress, one critical element determines whether these approaches succeed or fail: YOU.

The Leader, the Change Professional, the innovator—you have the most significant impact on enabling progress and shared success. No system or process alone can achieve an Always-Innovative outcome or an Adaptive Advantage. Your role is indispensable. Why are you so central to these efforts?

You set the vision and direction. You define what success looks like and determine priorities to guide others. Without your vision and leadership, efforts lack purpose or coherence.

While this glossary provides a vision and framework for building future-ready companies, that vision remains theoretical until YOU decide to put it into action. You hold the future of your organization in your hands. Your leadership, decisions, and influence—for better or worse—will decide the way forward. Progress starts and ends with YOU sharing your passion to change the world. Your role is not just important but imperative. The models in this glossary are merely tools, but you're the driver and will determine your destination. Choose wisely and forge ahead—the future awaits!

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