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The A5 Canvas is an iterative method for leading change, evaluating its results, and identifying possible solutions and outcomes.

A5 can be used in organizations that are more process-oriented and are comfortable with viewing change as just another process management exercise. It is part of LeadingExponential Change and was originally published in 2018.

The A5 Canvas works very well even in more traditional companies because it offers a helpful structure for leading change, while also introducing healthy habits and ways of working.

As experienced change consultants, we've seen how the A5 Canvas can be a great fit for companies that are just dipping their toe into more agile ways of working. The A5 provides a clear process with defined steps, which offers some comfort and familiarity for companies accustomed to more traditional project management approaches. At the same time, the iterative nature of the A5, with its cycles of ideating, prototyping, testing and learning, introduces the benefits of constant experimentation and adaptation.

In our experience, the A5 Canvas makes the change journey feel less daunting for traditional companies, because it breaks transformation down into smaller, more manageable continuous steps. The clear "deliverables" and "timeboxes" create a sense of structure and control, while the focus on quick experiments and feedback loops shows the value of responding to change versus just blindly following a rigid plan.

Importantly, the A5 also seeds those critical new habits that lead to enterprise agility - things like customer obsession, fail fast experimentation, workplace autonomy and continuous improvement. It essentially scaffolds in those agile practices in a way that feels comfortable rather than confronting.

Leadership sees the iterative process working and how their employees respond positively. This then builds openness to more transformational changes down the line.

Learn more about the A5 Canvas on Leading Exponential Change Page 233. Read it for free here or in Spanish here

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