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They are the guiding principles that signal the path to adaptability, innovation and shared progress in an accelerating world.

These principles provide a comprehensive frame for understanding and embracing the dynamics of change. These are the 12 Accelerated Change Principles:

1.       Multiple perspectives help your company navigate the new reality.

2.       Disciplined focus is an opportunity to increase performance.

3.       Focusing on organizational health can shape a culture ready to embrace the unpredictable.

4.       Mental agility is the foundation for high resilience and strategic innovation.

5.       Equity, Diversity, and inclusion are key contributors to business success.

6.       Neurodiversity is a competitive edge in complex market environments.

7.       Intellectual humility is a catalyst for adaptation and growth.

8.       Workforce mobility is a way to unlock the potential for collective capabilities in your organization.

9.       Memorable learning experiences enhance ownership and productivity.

10.    Technology is a path to equitable value creation for customers, companies, and workforce wellbeing.

11.    Continuous portfolio rebalancing optimizes risk and return.

12.    Exploring adjacent markets drives new growth.

For more detailed information about them, check Enterprise Agility Fundamentals, Chapter 6.

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