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A versatile tool that helps organizations visualize and evaluate their capabilities and perspectives in the face of rapid change and uncertainty. It provides a comprehensive guide for navigating the complexities of the new reality. The TVM is structured as a matrix with four quadrants representing various value types: Customer, Company, and Workforce wellbeing.

By evaluating decision criteria and options against desired outcomes for all three value types together, organizations gain a more comprehensive understanding of their choices' impacts, risks, and benefits. This matrix also serves as an "interface" between value types, uncovering opportunities for collaboration and partnerships that were previously overlooked. It encourages organizations to move away from isolated decision-making and towards a more holistic approach that considers the collective wellbeing of customers, the company, and the workforce.

TVM helps organizations optimize the present for shared success by fostering a balanced strategy considering complexity, common objectives, systems thinking, and future thinking. It enables leaders to make informed decisions, forge solutions, and drive positive change by weighing efforts across the three value forces.

TVM also allows you to improve innovation when the organization faces product or business model disruption.

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