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The TriValue Company Matrix (TVM) is a very helpful tool that can be used in many different ways to guide strategic decision-making and organizational transformation. As an experienced change consultant, I typically introduce the TVM in the following scenarios:

When facilitating a strategic planning session, the TVM provides a framework to evaluate different business units, product lines, or initiatives based on whether their focus aligns more with a revenue, customer, TriValue organization, or market disruption orientation. This makes it easy to visualize which parts of the business may need more incremental improvements versus more transformative changes to optimize across all three value dimensions. We can have fruitful discussions on where there are gaps that need to be addressed.

During a cultural transformation initiative, the TVM is great for assessing the current culture and mindsets that prevail in different departments. It helps reveal where more traditional beliefs or behaviors exist that focus strictly on financial returns versus areas that already embrace a passion for delighting customers. This enables tailored approaches to shifting mindsets and practices toward TriValue optimization, rather than a one-size-fits-all transformation agenda.

When proposing a new initiative or innovation, the TVM provides a simple visual method for demonstrating how the idea will create value for customers, the company, and employees. It moves conversations beyond just discussing benefits for one stakeholder group to uncovering synergies across all three. This expands perspectives and often leads to discovering additional ways to enhance the proposal.

In our experience, the TriValue Matrix ignites "ah-ha" moments in leadership teams as they suddenly see current dynamics and future opportunities in a new light. It leads to more balanced and socially responsible decision-making that considers unintended consequences.

Overall, the TVM framework has proven invaluable for enabling organizations to transition successfully and sustainably toward enterprise agility.

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