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The TriValue Company Matrix (TVM) is a powerful strategic tool that enables organizations to make decisions and set priorities in alignment with creating sustainable value for customers, the company, and workforce wellbeing. Here are a few tips on how to leverage the TVM strategically:

First, discuss the TVM with your leadership team to gain alignment on the three core value dimensions - customer value, company value, and workforce wellbeing value. Ensure everyone understands that the goal is to optimize and balance outcomes across all three, not maximize one at the expense of others. The TVM provides a framework for more holistic decision-making.

Next, collaboratively determine the key metrics or "Spot Indicators" to track for each value dimension based on your industry, business model, strategic vision and objectives. The Spot Indicators become your strategic KPIs aligned to the TVM value model. For example, for customer value, you may choose metrics like Net Promoter Score, customer retention and market share.

With agreed KPIs (Key Progress Indicators) established, you can start mapping your current performance and initiatives onto the TVM. Where do strengths, gaps or opportunities emerge? The TVM gives you a clear visual indication of strategic priorities. If customer value is lagging in a product line, focus investments there.

On an ongoing basis, review the TVM with metrics updated to guide strategic resource allocation, investments and program initiatives. Is an investment improving workforce capabilities and wellbeing, while also driving gains in customer experience? That demonstrates the mutually reinforcing benefits of TVM optimization.

Also consider running scenario analyses through a TVM lens. How would a new market entry or acquisition mapped on the matrix shape decisions? The TVM reveals interdependencies, risks and alignment issues.

As you can see, the TriValue Matrix allows leadership teams to maintain balance, reveal blindspots and collaborate on value creation strategies that fuel growth while ensuring sustainability. When consistently used to guide planning and evaluate opportunities, it is a powerful framework for achieving greater Enterprise Agility.

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