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A Univalue company is an organization that primarily focuses on a single value dimension, typically customer satisfaction or profit. In the context of Enterprise Agility, a Univalue company is one that prioritizes and optimizes its operations solely based on one aspect, often neglecting the broader impact on other stakeholders and the environment.

Univalue companies tend to have a narrow perspective, where their primary goal is to maximize customer satisfaction or generate profits. While these goals are important, they may not fully capture the holistic needs and aspirations of all stakeholders involved, such as employees, communities, and the planet.

The concept of Univalue companies is contrasted with the idea of TriValue Companies (TVC), which strive to balance and create value across three dimensions: Company value, Workforce Wellbeing value, and Customer value. TriValue Companies recognize the interconnectedness of these dimensions and aim to explicitly achieve sustainable success and shared progress by considering the broader impact of their actions.

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