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This powerful model offers an integrated approach to understanding and optimizing Customer, Company, and Workforce wellbeing value (Mutual Benefit). The TVC model recognizes that achieving balanced outcomes for all three value types is crucial for organizational adaptability and success.

It emphasizes the interconnectedness of these values and how they reinforce each other. Organizations can create a sustainable and thriving ecosystem by focusing on the wellbeing of customers, the company, and the workforce. To navigate the complexities of the business landscape, TVC provides tools and frameworks to help organizations assess their position and optimize value. Two critical components of TVC are the Spot Indicators and the TriValue Matrix (TVM).

By leveraging the TVC model, organizations can adapt it to their unique business context and industry needs. This adaptability allows them to gain a competitive advantage, build trusted partnerships, and cultivate resilience in constant change.

Note that TVC is composed of the companies TriValue and Future Thinking, two great pillars to support your organization. You can check more about the TriValue Company model here.

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