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Making the transition from an agile, customer-centric company to a TriValue company is an important shift that requires care and understanding. Here are a few suggestions on how to approach this in a way that brings people together around a shared purpose:

First, it's critical to communicate the reasons for the change in a transparent and compelling way. A TriValue approach represents an evolution in thinking, not an indictment of past efforts. Explain that the goal is to build on strengths and expand focus - not reject customer centricity but enrich it with a more holistic view. Share examples of peer companies that have successfully made this transition. And invite input from all levels on how to navigate challenges. This lays the groundwork for buy-in.

Next, provide education and training on TriValue core ideas across the organization. Offer immersive workshops and simulations where people can experience TriValue in action. Make sure leaders are equipped to answer questions and role model the mindsets needed. This builds knowledge and capability.

Also, pilot TriValue practices in parts of the organization first before scaling company-wide. Start small, learn fast. This might include new decision frameworks, KPIs (Key Progress Indicators using Spot Indicators and Fututres), incentives, and meeting rhythms that balance all 3 value dimensions. Learn from these pilots, adapt based on feedback, and expand gradually. This allows safe experimentation.

In parallel, evolve processes, policies, and structures to align with the TriValue approach. Adjust budgets, redesign roles, and update guidelines to formally integrate a more holistic view. But take care not to move faster than culture can handle. Sync formal and informal systems.

Overall, make it a collaborative journey, not a top-down mandate. Engage people through participatory sessions and by recognizing those paving the way. Listen deeply and adjust based on what emerges together. Anchor it in shared purpose, not compliance.

With care and collective learning, an agile customer-centric company can blossom into an adaptive, resilient TriValue enterprise poised for shared success, no matter the seas ahead.

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