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Moving from a Univalue company to a TriValue company requires a thoughtful and gradual transition. Here are some suggestions based on my experience helping organizations evolve in this way:

The first step is to identify the current gaps between your company's focus and a TriValue approach. Take time to assess impacts, values and decision-making processes to see where assumptions, habits or constraints may limit progress towards shared goals. Review policies and the effects of choices on all stakeholders, not just shareholders or customers. Understanding divergent perspectives provides clues to overcoming barriers together.

Next, engage employees at all levels in shaping the path ahead. Provide opportunities for diverse voices to help plan the transition in a way that serves everyone equally. Make priorities transparent and get buy-in by involving people in communication. Foster participation through inclusive environments where all groups feel empowered to contribute.

Develop a unifying vision focused on achieving common aims through balanced Client, Company and Workforce Wellbeing Value. Explain how specific goals and choices optimize mutual benefit. Support flexibility in how people contribute independently and collectively. Articulate non-negotiable outcomes while allowing customization of methods.

Identify key behaviors that align with partnership and encourage through positive reinforcement. But also grant autonomy through flexible guidance anchored in shared progress. Evaluate the pace of change realistically based on context and capabilities. Set incremental goals and timelines that empower rather than overwhelm.

Continually monitor impacts across relationships and systems. Adjust roles and policies to accelerate learning together. Provide feedback channels where diverse groups can shape ongoing improvements that optimize value for all. Address assumptions through education and storytelling focused on mutual understanding.

The journey requires relentless commitment to a mindset of experimentation, adaptability and partnership. With patience and care, a TriValue approach can help unlock an organization's greatest potential.

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