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When a company focuses primarily on either increasing revenue or pleasing customers, they tend to take a narrow view. They optimize everything to maximize those single goals, often at the expense of a broader perspective. The problem is, in times of fast-paced change, this tunnel vision can leave them blindsided.

A revenue-focused company aims to increase profits and share value above all else. They carefully control operations and min/max every decision to optimize the bottom line. But this can come at a cost to other areas like workforce morale, innovation, and adaptability. When markets shift rapidly, being locked into rigid structures and metrics makes it hard to respond quickly.

Likewise, a hyper customer-centric company lives and breathes for the customer experience. They strive to delight and wow end users with every new feature and service. However, this fixation on customers can mean other priorities fall by the wayside. In their quest to be responsive, they may unintentionally create a constant "crunch time" culture that burns out employees.

In both cases, the company lacks balance. By putting all their eggs in one basket, they lose sight of the bigger picture. When exponential change disrupts their entire business model, not just isolated products and processes, they don't have the resilience or collective mindset to weather the storm.

In contrast, the TriValue Company model provides crucial perspective. By considering company, customer, and workforce value together, leaders make holistic choices. This gives them the agility and shared vision to navigate uncertainty as a community. Rather than reacting impulsively, they take a more measured, sustainable approach focused on mutual benefit.

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