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The CJP is a model for understanding people's needs based on where they are in the change journey. The pyramid is based on concepts from theneuroscience of change and organizational psychology and several other concepts from the Science of Accelerated Change. Unlike other change models focusing on employees' stages or emotional states (e.g., denial, anger, and bargaining), the Change Journey Pyramid focuses on understanding their mindset.

It needs to depend on where they're at in the change journey. It can be used by change consultants seeking more effective strategies for influencing change. These are the mindsets of the Change Journey Pyramid:

1.       I WantThings to Be as I Say

2.       I Don't Like the Proposed Change

3.       I Don't Understand Why the Change is Happening

4.       I Don't Understand Why WE Must Change

5.       I Want to Change

Remember that level 0 of the pyramid is generally removed as this is where psychopaths or narcissistic people stay; they follow a different path. Business leaders, in turn, can use the change journey pyramid to provide powerful techniques and tactics to improve communication plans with individuals in the organization.

The Change Journey Pyramid can be used in any organization but isn't recommended for use with psychopathic or narcissistic individuals. It is part of Leading Exponential Change and was initially published in 2018.

For more detailed information about them, check Enterprise Agility Fundamentals, Chapter 5, page 209.

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