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The Change Canvas is a tool published in Leading Exponential Change (2018), page 87.

Collaborative visions of change are powerful, as they enable all those affected by a plan, as well as those in charge of supporting the change, to become cocreators of the strategy.To create a collaborative vision of change, you must organize at least two90-minute sessions. It’s a good idea to invite the managers, the sponsor of the initiative, and the groups of people who need to change.

Carefully consider who should attend, keeping in mind that this is not a meeting for the simply curious or for those who will not be contributing anything relevant at this initial stage.

At the start of the session, introduce the problem you need to solve in no more than two minutes. Place everyone in random pairs, which will allow different points of view to be expressed in each team. Give them sticky notes, pens, and space to move about. Avoid settings such as a meeting room with a large table, as this reduces interaction.

Find out more about the Change Canvas at Leading Exponential Change (Read for free here).

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