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The Change Aspect provides principles, models, and capabilities to rapidly adapt to disruption, optimize evolution, and lead change to unlock innovation. It focuses on nurturing a culture of flexibility, sustainability, resilience, and continuous improvement across the organization.

In today's world of constant disruption, the only constant is change itself. Organizations need to build capabilities to rapidly adapt and even lead change to stay competitive. This is where Enterprise Agility's Change Aspect provides invaluable guidance.

The Change Aspect is founded on the 12 Accelerated Change Principles. These provide research-based insights into human dynamics and leading change effectively. For example, Principle #3 states that focusing on organizational health shapes a culture ready to embrace unpredictability.

Enterprise Agility also offers models to assess and optimize change capability, like the Change Journey Pyramid' and Circle framework. A core part of the Change Aspect is building Strategic Mobility'—the ability to quickly realign or reconfigure strategy, structure, workforce, and resources in response to disruption or coming opportunities.

The Sustainability Zones model helps track progress in change capability across six levels from apathy to harmony. This provides a roadmap to strengthen adaptability through continuous improvement.

The Change Aspect emphasizes that transformation should simultaneously enhance value for Customers, the Company, and the Workforce. Change initiatives should be judged on their ability to improve outcomes sustainably for all key stakeholders.

With accelerating disruption, change is not a periodic event but a constant capability. Enterprise Agility provides the models and the mindset for organizations to not just survive, but actually thrive through change.

Companies that master the Change Aspect can unlock creativity, accelerate innovation and lead their industries into the future.

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