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The Strategic Aspect equips organizations to continuously innovate strategies suitable for accelerated change and exponential markets. It integrates sensing, future thinking, opportunity discovery, and balanced TriValue optimization to build resilience and sustainably grow efficacy.

In today's world of accelerating change and disruption, organizations need to build sustainable strategic flexibility to thrive. Enterprise Agility offers a comprehensive approach to strategy that equips companies to sense opportunities, adapt to emerging trends, and respond with innovation.

One key challenge leaders face is navigating the 'accelerating waves' of change driven by new technologies and market forces. As the pace of innovation speeds up, strategic planning cycles struggle to keep up. Leaders must become adept at dealing with these waves of disruption and change.

Central to sustainable strategy is balancing value for Customers, the Company, and the Workforce. The TriValue Company model emphasizes optimizing decisions based on a harmony of these three crucial elements.

One key component of the Strategic Aspect is Future Thinking. This emphasizes developing a future-focused mindset, looking beyond current realities to imagine possibilities on the horizon. Leaders are encouraged to explore future scenarios through collaboration, envisioning desired outcomes for customers, the company, and employees.

Spot Indicators are metrics that track progress on key goals for customers, the company, and employees over a 0-12 month timeframe. This provides near-term visibility into strategic priorities and opportunities to adjust course based on evidence. Spot Indicators are a core part of the TriValue Company model.

Enterprise Agility also provides models for opportunity discovery in complex environments with the Collective Strategic Sensing (CSS) approaches.

Central to the Strategic Aspect is the ability to balance continuity and change. Spot Indicators track progress on current goals while 'Future Indicators' monitor signals of coming change. This allows leaders to maintain focus while preparing for new realities.

A core goal of any leader is to achieve Sustainably Growing Efficacy—the ability to continuously improve outcomes in a sustainable way over time. This requires taking a long-term view and developing people's capabilities to drive innovation and adaptation.

The frameworks of Enterprise Agility's Strategic Aspect provide powerful tools to thrive in times of unprecedented change. Those who master strategic agility will shape the future.

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