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It's a framework and tool that helps individuals increase their Intellectual Humility (IH). IH is a critical skill for executives facing rapidly changing markets, as it enables them to process a vast amount of information from various sources and consider multiple perspectives and values.

Individuals with higher IH consult more sources of information, analyze data with more caution, and weigh more alternatives than those with lower IH. Additionally, research has shown that leaders with high IH react less emotionally to disagreements and can better analyze situations objectively during change.

In Enterprise Agility, IntellectualHumility (IH) means recognizing and accepting that our thinking abilities are limited and that you are not afraid and celebrate to be wrong. It involves being open to different perspectives and seeing mistakes as opportunities for growth, learning, and celebrate.

The Lighthouse Model provides a way to empower leaders to increase their IH, which can help them make more informed and effective decisions in the face of market disruptions and other challenges. The Lighthouse Model for Situational Intellectual Humility is part of our Certified Enterprise Agility Leadership Program.

Enterprise Agility offers two powerful models for cultivating intellectual humility (IH) in leaders and others—the Lighthouse and Fish Model. Each takes a different approach:

Both models use techniques based on neuroplasticity, cognitive reframing, and emotional intelligence to rewire thinking patterns underlying behaviors. This creates lasting change but requires time and commitment.

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