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The Lighthouse Model and intellectual humility can greatly enhance a company's sensing capabilities during times of disruption and change.

Adopting intellectual humility enables leaders to approach challenges with an open and curious mindset, seeking diverse perspectives and being willing to question their own assumptions. This avoids rigid thinking that can blind leaders to weak signals or opportunities outside their normal purview.

Intellectual humility fosters an environment where people feel safe surfacing contradictory information, dissenting views, or 'bad news' that may indicate the need for a new direction. Without intellectual humility, those with a dissenting perspective may remain silent for fear of judgment or retribution. This creates blind spots where critical signals are missed.

With the Lighthouse Model, leaders systematically re-examine situations from multiple angles, guided by the model's steps. This reduces the tendency to see things only according to preset notions or existing mental models. Leaders intentionally seek outside expertise and diverse voices to gain a comprehensive understanding of the terrain. Assumptions are consciously reflected upon and reconsidered based on new information.

This process results in sensing capabilities becoming more attuned to complex dynamics and interconnected relationships. Weak signals are not dismissed when they contradict the dominant narrative. Hard truths and opposing perspectives are valued for the insights they provide. Continuous learning and exploration are baked into the culture.

As leaders role model intellectual humility, teams feel empowered to question, experiment and scan the environment broadly for both threats and opportunities. Information flows more freely across silos. People synthesize insights from diverse sources to get an accurate 'big picture' view, not just isolated data points that confirm biases.

In this way, intellectual humility and the Lighthouse Model ultimately enhance both the quality and diversity of information that feeds strategic decisions and innovation. Leaders gain access to richer inputs from across the organization and ecosystem. This allows them to steer through uncertainty and rapidly evolving conditions with confidence, backed by a sensitive awareness tuned to detect meaningful patterns and changes early on.

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