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Leaders like you need to actively cultivate their personal skills and surround themselves with processes and a climate that ensures disciplined focus. The F.O.C.U.S. framework in EA provides leaders with science-based techniques to overcome distraction. The FOCUS Framework:

F - Foster Flow

Flow state (or Psychological Flow State), or total immersion in an activity, is the peak of disciplined focus. By identifying activities that harness their talents and inspire joy, you prime the brain for effortless concentration. Scheduling predictable times for these flow activities protects against distraction.

O - Override Interruptions

Defending focus time requires firm boundaries. Leaders aiming for deep focus must feel entitled to override interruptions by delegating secondary concerns, disabling message alerts and placing do not disturb signs on their office door.

C - Take Cognitive Breaks

Since attention span is finite, periodic brain breaks replenish mental focus and avoid fatigue. Stepping away to close one's eyes, stretch, converse with a colleague or take a short walk, recharges concentration (we cover many of these techniques in our EA Leadership training)

U - Unleash Attention Strategies

Like physical fitness, attention stamina requires training. Practices including mindfulness meditation, memory games and eliminating multitasking strengthen cognitive control networks in the brain.

S - Structure Priorities Collectively

Leaders play a central role in passing on priorities throughout the organization. By modeling priorities to your teams, you can align them while preventing them from getting distracted. This approach of collective, concentrated prioritization transfers the disciplined focus from the leader to the collective by using clear priorities aligned to a mobilizing purpose.

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