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State of mind and social approach that encourages continuous progress and action in a balanced and strategic manner. It is a way of approaching challenges and opportunities with a mobilizing purpose and a shared vision of what is possible through a mutually beneficial partnership. In contrast to an unhealthy sense of urgency, which can be hasty, chaotic, and stress-inducing, an HSU focuses on key priorities that matter.

It avoids spreading too thin or chasing every new idea, instead taking purposeful actions that lead to shared progress. It balances short-term and long-term goals, aligning urgent actions with company strategy and objectives. This helps avoid myopia and ensures that decisions and actions align with the organization's long-term vision.

A Healthy Sense of Urgency also emphasizes the importance of collaborative relationships. It encourages partnerships based on trust and shared commitment, enabling openness and the ability to determine the next steps based on connecting diverse insights. This collaborative approach fosters a sense of collective capabilities.

It empowers individuals and teams to navigate complexity together, working towards the future they envision rather than being limited by the constraints of the past.

The following areas and questions can be used to determine if the sense of urgency is healthy or Unhealthy:




- Is there open collaboration and trust?Or does it rely on command/control?

- Are experiments and iterations encouraged? Or is failure seen as unacceptable?



By analyzing these key areas, you can gauge whether the sense of urgency is strategic and balanced or unhealthy and counterproductive. This framework provides insights to modulate urgency for maximum effectiveness.

For more detailed information about HSU, check Enterprise Agility Fundamentals, Chapter 6, page 197.

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