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While Spot Indicators sense the tangible and quantifiable present and near-future elements up to a year in advance, focusing on short-term improvement and innovation, Futures sense and explore the potential for disruption and opportunities emerging over the next 12 to 36 months.

They cultivate readiness for change by envisioning new contexts, challenges, and choices that could impact strategic direction. Spot Indicators and Futures offer a bifocal lens for navigating complexity and shared progress.

EAU's Future Thinking framework includes the following:

1.     Sensing techniques to evaluate coming signals from the company or the markets.

2.     The Enterprise Agility Universal Agreements to empower people's behaviors to navigate accelerated change together.

3.     AI recommendations for technologies to magnify people's capabilities.

4.     Two types of indicators (Spotindicators for short-term innovation within a 12-month horizon and Futures from 12 to 36 months).

5.     Shared Progress Bets (SPBs) techniques to collaboratively discover new pathways.

6.     A Shared Progress Stock Exchange to provide a collaborative mechanism for distributed opportunity discovery and strategic decision-making under ambiguity.

For more detailed information about Future Thinking, check Enterprise Agility Fundamentals, Chapter 9.

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