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Many companies today adopt popular frameworks like Scrum or SAFe to increase flexibility and resilience and deal better with emergent situations. However, these models often require extensive customization and adaptation to fit the unique needs and culture. This process can be challenging, requiring significant time and effort from teams and change professionals.

Enterprise Agility offers a revolutionary approach called Hyper-customization. Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all model and attempting to reshape it, Enterprise Agility leverages AI and Machine Learning to dynamically adapt frameworks to each organization's characteristics and objectives.

Here's how hyper-customization in Enterprise Agility works:

Data Collection

The process starts by gathering data on the company's structure, workflows, objectives, and culture. This is done through surveys, interviews, observation, and analysis of existing documentation. The goal is to deeply understand the organization's unique attributes.

AI Analysis

The collected data about the company is fed into Enterprise Agility University's AI (Hanna AI or Laura AI) as a prompt. AI analyzes the company's unique characteristics and dynamics and existing frameworks to deeply understand what adaptations will be most impactful and sustainable. The frameworks are then customized by the AI, taking into account key areas like employee engagement, leadership behaviors, and long-term sustainability. The goal is to shape the framework specifically to the organization's culture and objectives. This also includes adapting the EA frameworks to a specific industry.

Framework Customization

Based on the AI's recommendations, fine-tuned adjustments are made to the framework's processes, rituals, governance, and principles by the consultant or other members of the company. This creates a tailored version catered to the enterprise.

Continuous Optimization

As the organization evolves, the AI continues collecting data and making changes to keep the framework optimized. Agility teams also give feedback to drive ongoing improvements.

The Hyper-customizationapproach brings several key benefits:

Bringing New Perspectives

Hyper-customization also introduces beneficial new perspectives that counteract limiting biases. When working within one company for a long time, employees often develop entrenched ways of thinking that hamper innovation. People get stuck in a rut of repeating old patterns and assumptions. The outside AI perspective provides a neutral counterbalance to these biases. Drawing on research in psychology, the AI analysis considers factors that teams within the organization may overlook or underappreciate due to groupthink or inertia. This gives a refreshing outside-in view of changes that can optimize frameworks, models, and the culture. By blending this external AI perspective with internal team knowledge, Hyper-customization fuses the best of both worlds. This allows the creation of balanced frameworks highly tailored to how the specific organization operates and thinks.

Customizing your Frameworks

By leveraging Hyper-customization, Enterprise Agility enables flawless implementation of frameworks that unlock sustainable agility at scale. The AI does the heavy lifting so teams can focus on high-value initiatives that propel the organization forward. This revolutionary approach, only available through Enterprise Agility University, gives a vital edge in turbulent times.

Try Hyper-customization for free by using HANNA AI on the Enterprise Agility Community page or Enterprise Agility University. Describe your framework and ask our AI to adapt it to your culture or specific industry.

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