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The MLE for Events provides an approach for designing impactful events/conferences that accelerate learning and network building through surprise through active audience participation, shared experiences, and engagement possibilities.

MLE for Events considers the characteristics of events and educational priorities to deliver outcomes participants can immediately apply. MLE for Events expands the concepts of the MLE framework by adding specific roles to prepare and follow up before, during, and after the conference.

It relies on behavioral science, neuroscience, adult learning theories, and technology to create environments where people feel psychologically safe to interact, learn in new ways, and build new connections. Like MLE, it goes beyond traditional events by:

The MLE for Events considers the following roles: The Social Networker, Social Observer, Structure-driven, and Leading-oriented person. It enables continuous learning through transformative and collaborative experiences by empowering individuals to progress together, whatever may come!

Learn more about MLE in Chapter 6 (Enterprise Agility Fundamentals), Accelerated Change Principle #9, and Chapter 7.

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