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Always Ready focuses on continuously building a culture prepared for surprises and disruption. It establishes processes and capabilities to sense and understand new situations while reducing personal stress. Always Ready focuses on assessing what is happening without yet reacting. Constant readiness depends on psychological safety, organizational health, and having the right technologies and collaboration to gain insights into emerging realities.

This KPI is focused on fostering a culture and mindset of continuous readiness. Being Always Ready means having the processes, roles, healthy state of mind, and conditions in place to sense new situations, understand potential changes and challenges, and respond effectively while minimizing stress.

In an Always-Ready culture, organizations explore potential changes and challenges with an open and proactive mindset. They have the collective capabilities to evaluate new realities and the technology to understand upcoming challenges.

By fostering an always-ready environment, organizations can analyze problems from different angles, continually update their knowledge, and better deal with emotions, even in unexpected situations. Always-Ready is part of the Three Universal Outcomes of Enterprise Agility.

For more detailed information about the Always-Responsive Outcome, check Enterprise Agility Fundamentals, Chapter 11.

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