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A way to determine how suited your organization is for profound change is the Enterprise Agility Way of Thinking (EAWT), and one of its components: the 6 readiness factors. For some companies, incremental changes or improvements to current operating models may be sufficient; for others, faced with increasing change and complexity, fundamental realignment and rebirth are essential to move forward and remain viable.

These are the 6 readiness factors in Enterprise Agility:

  1. Industry Dynamics: Examine the pace of change in your industry. Is it slow and predictable, or is it evolving quickly and disruptively? If the latter, Enterprise Agility may be a better fit.
  2. Company Culture: How receptive are people in your company to change? How long did it take the last time they had to change parts of the culture? If your company culture is open to experimentation and innovation, the transition to enterprise agility may be smoother.
  3. Organizational Structures: Assess the current structures of your organization and its adaptability to change. If your organization primarily focuses on prioritizing frameworks or short-term gains, the transition to Enterprise Agility may require prior adaptation of existing structures.
  4. Market Sensing Capabilities: Analyze how your company sees and understands the market. They can stay there if they assume the market is stable with occasional surprises. However, EnterpriseAgility may be the key to future success if you face growing competition and new signals coming from the markets.
  5. Customer Expectations: Consider your customers' expectations and the level of customization and responsiveness they demand. If your customer base requires rapid innovation and personalized solutions, Enterprise Agility may be better suited to meet their needs.
  6. Leadership Commitment: Ensure your leaders are ready to invest in the cultural, structural, and strategic changes required for Enterprise Agility. Without strong leadership commitment, the transition can be difficult.

Technology must also be considered in these 6 areas as an empowering part of each of them. For more detailed information about them, check Enterprise Agility Fundamentals, Chapter 2, page 123.

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