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The Six Readiness Factors provide an essential lens through which companies can evaluate their preparedness and motivation to embark on the journey towards Enterprise Agility. This tool offers pragmatic insights that allow organizations to make an informed decision about the path forward.

As experienced change consultants, we've seen how critical it is for companies to honestly assess where they stand today before endeavoring on a transformation as profound as Enterprise Agility. Many have endured failed efforts because they underestimated the cultural realignment needed or lacked the proper mindset and capabilities.

The readiness factors get right to the heart of what makes an Enterprise Agility journey possible and sustainable. They explore motivation, openness to change, capability foundations, and willingness to let go of limiting practices. An organization may initially think the Agile promise of innovation, responsiveness, and resilience is exactly what they need. But embarking requires much more than borrowing isolated practices.

True Enterprise Agility demands a fundamental shift in how the company operates, leads, and unleashes collective potential. The old ways that achieved success must often be reshaped or replaced by new mindsets and behaviors. Without assessing readiness across these factors, change efforts risk faltering in frustration.

The six readiness dimensions provide that essential perspective. They make visible the gap between hopes and reality, ambitions and abilities. This gap must be addressed for the journey to succeed. With pragmatism and courage, the factors help determine what must be true for Enterprise Agility to take root and endure.

They reveal limitations to be strengthened and accelerators to be activated before endeavoring on the path. For companies genuinely committed to facing market complexity, the six factors provide a compass pointing towards Enterprise Agility or incremental change. This guidance and self-awareness is the crucial first step on the road towards an agile, resilient future.

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