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A comprehensive and innovative mindset that serves as a guiding approach for organizations to navigate the challenges of constant change and disruption. It represents a fundamental shift in how we approach and perceive the business world. EAWT encourages organizations to embrace a new way of operating and thriving in the face of upheaval. It challenges traditional practices and inspires Leaders and other individuals to question the limits of the past and explore new possibilities for the future.

At its core, EAWT integrates behavioral knowledge with insights from various disciplines, such as mobility and neuroscientific research on accelerated change. It recognizes that organizations must develop collective capabilities, structures, and processes that can handle disruption and uncertainty from any source.

It also considers the Shared progress concepts and the TriValue Company model (TVC). EnterpriseAgility considers ways of working, ways of structuring, ways of responding, ways of interacting, and ways of thinking.

For more detailed information about them, check Enterprise Agility Fundamentals.

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