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As experienced change consultants who have helped many companies adopt the Enterprise Agility Universal Agreements, we would suggest a thoughtful, phased approach focused first on the people and teams most ready to embrace these new ways of working.

Rather than trying to roll out the agreements across the entire company all at once, we've found it works better to start small with volunteers who already value transparency, collaboration, and empowerment. Engage them in co-creating what adopting the agreements could look like in your organization. What changes would enable the agreements in their day-to-day work? What obstacles or resistance might they face from functions like Legal or Finance? Getting their ideas and addressing any concerns upfront will help ensure a smooth adoption.

With this core group as champions, pilot the agreements within their teams for 3-6 months. Make sure they have the structural support needed, like revised performance systems that reward teamwork, not individual metrics. Provide coaching to help teams put the agreements into practice through team charters, new meeting formats, and conflict resolution strategies. Capture lessons learned and stories of impact to build momentum.

Over time, scale to other parts of the organization, focusing on leaders and teams open to change. Continue to adjust policies and processes to embed the agreements into "how work gets done." Monitor adoption and regularly share positive outcomes. But allow some skeptics more time rather than forcing wholesale change. Patience and understanding are key.

Adopting these agreements successfully requires both zeal and humility. While their benefits are immense, the reality is that empowering people in fundamentally new ways can be uncomfortable at first, even threatening to some. Move thoughtfully, engage skeptics through dialogue, and let results speak for themselves.

With care and commitment, these agreements can help your company gain the extreme agility, shared purpose, and resilience to thrive in times of constant change.

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