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In an age of exponential technological progress and market disruption, companies must embrace accelerated change to survive and stay competitive. The quickening pace of product cycles, customer expectations and business model innovations exerts tremendous pressure across organizations. However, by cultivating a special peak psychological state called "flow" or "psychological Flow State", companies can equip their workforce to thrive amidst this turbulence.

Flow refers to a state of complete immersion in a challenge that stretches skills to their limits. People in flow leverage their full capabilities and concentration to rapidly grow new skills. They tap into a creative flow for breakthrough solutions and insights. Teams in collaborative flow harness collective intelligence and symphonic skills advancements to tackle complex challenges.

For companies facing accelerated change, flow accelerates learning and reduces the feeling of overwhelm:

Leadership teams that actively cultivate flow across their organization reap many benefits:

•Align, excite and upskill workers around the urgency of change

•Rapidly prototype and implement transformations

•Turn market uncertainty into growth opportunities

•Avoid stagnation and burnout during constant volatility

Getting into flow is crucial during accelerated times and empowers both individuals and companies to ride the exponential wave of change rather than being overwhelmed. Unlocking this level of human potential will define the next generation of agile organizations poised for the future.

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