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Even the most experienced leaders can sometimes feel disempowered in today's complex business environment.

Organizational politics, bureaucracy, inadequate resources and internal self-doubt are just some barriers that can constrain a leader's influence and impact. However, by tuning into themselves more deeply, leaders can gain the clarity, skills and support needed to drive change in the face of adversity.

The Sense-Myself model supports the Collective Strategic Sensing framework and provides a systemic framework for empowering leadership—regardless of gender or background. It's an approach for understanding one's unique situation more objectively, nurturing the emotional energy to persevere, and strategizing pathways to greater effectiveness. It's broadly applicable to any leader seeking to fulfill their potential. By focusing on self-awareness, skill development and community, the model equips leaders to take charge of their growth.

The five dimensions of the Sense-Myself model allow leaders to:

With this comprehensive approach, leaders can gain clarity, build community and capabilities to drive change with confidence. The Sense-Myself model to empower leaders has the following fix dimensions that need to be tackled simultaneously:

By cultivating deeper self-awareness across these areas, leaders gain the insight, community and abilities to power through challenges and fulfill their potential. This holistic strengthening empowers leaders to persist when faced with adversity and constraints. By tuning into themselves more deeply, leaders can gain clarity on circumstances limiting their effectiveness and get the support needed to drive change.

Empowering Shared Progress Through Greater Self-Awareness

The Sense-Myself model provides leaders with a systematic way to understand their unique situation objectively. Leaders gain insights into factors inhibiting their influence by delving into the intersecting of the different dimensions.

With a clear-eyed view of realities and roadblocks, leaders can then focus on the emotional reserves and capabilities needed to align priorities for mutual benefit even during accelerated change or high uncertainty. For instance, by taking time to renew physical and mental energy, leaders avoid burnout and sustain the passion required to mobilize people towards a shared vision. Or by reframing limiting mental chatter, leaders build the confidence to foster prudent risk-taking and workforce empowerment.

Cultivating Always-Ready, Responsive and Innovative Leadership

The three universal outcomes of Enterprise Agility can also be applied to leaders to achieve always-ready, always-responsive, and always-innovative leadership style. This empowers the culture and enables organizations to rapidly sense and seize opportunities within complex market environments. However, leaders often struggle to embody these traits, especially with limited support and inner resources. This is where the Sense-Myself model comes in. By working through its six dimensions holistically, leaders gain several capabilities critical for enterprise agility:

In essence, by tuning into themselves at a deeper level, leaders gain the self-knowledge, emotional energy, capabilities and community to drive change confidently amid uncertainty. They become empowered to rapidly respond to emerging customer needs, reimagine offerings and realign teams for the future.

The Sense-Myself model provides leaders with a systemic way to cultivate the self-awareness and self-care required to foster always-ready, responsive and innovative organizations.

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