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The Intellectual Humility Journey or Fish Model is designed to guide individuals through developing intellectual humility in small, manageable steps.

In Enterprise Agility, IntellectualHumility (IH) means recognizing and accepting that our thinking abilities are limited and that you are not afraid and celebrate to be wrong. It involves being open to different perspectives and seeing mistakes as opportunities for growth, learning, and celebrate.

This model recognizes that intellectual humility is not an absolute or fixed state but a continuous process of growth and refinement.

For more detailed information about them, check Enterprise Agility Fundamentals, Chapter 6., page 278.

Enterprise Agility offers two powerful models for cultivating intellectual humility (IH) in leaders and others—the Lighthouse model and the Fish Model. Each takes a different approach:

Both models use techniques based on neuroplasticity, cognitive reframing, and emotional intelligence to rewire thinking patterns underlying behaviors. This creates lasting change but requires time and commitment.

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