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Enterprise Agility and Holacracy both offer frameworks aimed at helping organizations adapt and thrive in today's turbulent business environments characterized by constant change and disruption. However, they take different approaches to ingraining organizational adaptability.

Enterprise Agility was developed by Enterprise Agility University and its founder, Erich R. Bühler. At its core, Enterprise Agility focuses on preparing both individuals and organizations to not just cope with, but embrace and capitalize on relentless change and market disruption.

Enterprise Agility offers entire bodies of frameworks, models and tools to help ingrain mindsets of adaptability at personal, team, and organizational levels. Some of the most well-known Enterprise Agility frameworks include:

Enterprise Agility also provides tools to help organizations continuously sense weak signals of impending market changes and disruption across industries. By taking a comprehensive approach, Enterprise Agility aims to create a culture of adaptability across an organization.

In contrast, Holacracy was created by Brian Robertson and takes a more structural approach to adaptability. Holacracy has a detailed constitution that clearly defines elements like roles, circles, governance meetings, and processes for evolving organizational structure.

A key principle of Holacracy is empowering employees to take initiative through autonomous, self-organizing teams. Holacracy's constitution prescribes specific terms, meeting formats, and decision-making procedures to distribute authority across these dynamic teams. Roles are continuously re-evaluated and redistributed to adapt to changing business conditions.

Both approaches value adaptability and employee empowerment but have some philosophical differences. Enterprise Agility offers full frameworks and models that can be tailored and applied to various functions and levels of an organization. Holacracy provides very detailed governing processes and protocols for distributing authority across self-contained, self-organizing teams.

There are also differences in implementation. Enterprise Agility offers certifications and the flexibility for phased implementation based on an organization's change readiness. Holacracy requires wholesale adoption of its entire system at once. Consultants are often engaged to guide the transition.

Organizations can evaluate their culture, change agility maturity, and specific needs when deciding if one approach or a blended model would be the best fit for their adaptability goals. While the methods differ, both Enterprise Agility and Holacracy ultimately aim to provide frameworks to help companies continuously adapt and thrive in turbulent times. The key is finding an approach that empowers one's unique organization to embrace change as an opportunity no matter which models or frameworks are used.

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