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The four Universal Agreements—the right to be seen, heard, empowered, and part of the group—represent vital experiences for organizational agility. However, simply stating these agreements is not enough. To truly shift culture, companies must immerse teams in the agreements' underlying values through multi-channel communication.

This is where MLE’s four channels provide a robust framework for bringing the Universal Agreements to life:

The Verbal Channel fosters open dialogue about what each agreement means and how they enable progress. Storytelling helps teams relate the agreements to real work scenarios. Verbal communication builds psychological safety to honestly discuss upholding the agreements.

The Chat/Text Channel allows discrete written feedback when actions undermine the agreements. Anonymous pulse checks gauge how well they are being practiced. Short written reflections and clarifications reinforce key takeaways.

The Audiovisual Channel utilizes gestures, graphics, videos, and inspirational quotes to vividly symbolize the agreements. Upbeat music energizes the desired culture. Photos capture teams living the agreements in action.

Finally, the Movement & Connection Channel gets teams embodying the agreements through collaborative play, exercises, and activities requiring trust and interdependence. Shared physical experiences powerfully build community.

Together, these immersive MLE channels transform the Universal Agreements from words into tangible cultural practices. When teams see, hear, discuss, move with, and constantly receive reinforcement about the agreements, they become embedded norms.

MLE channels also provide data to calibrate communication over time. Leadership can track reactions, monitor behaviors, and assess how thoroughly the agreements take root. They can then adjust strategies based on what resonates most with their culture.

While verbal communication alone easily becomes background noise, holistic MLE channels turn values into palpable experiences. This empowers lasting behavior change to help teams thrive amid complexity through the power of the Universal Agreements.

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