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The EABOK (Enterprise Agility Body of Knowledge) provides a comprehensive set of models, frameworks, and approaches for achieving higher levels of enterprise agility. It maps the journey from focusing on short-term priorities and gains to achieving shared progress through understanding diverse experiences and reimagining mutual benefit.

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The EABOK includes details on specific methods, tools, and models to help organizations make this transition.

The Enterprise Agility Dynamics summarizes the key pillars that enable enterprise agility at a high level. It conveys the main components' essential reciprocal relationships. The EABOK represents the path, while the Dynamics show how the pieces fit together.

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As an experienced change consultant, the EABOK is invaluable for helping clients understand where they currently stand regarding adaptability and value creation. It provides a visual representation to assess capabilities and determine which models or tools can help them progress based on unique needs.

The EABOK emphasizes that successfully navigating exponential change requires more than just practices, tools, or frameworks based on Classic Agility. True shared progress comes through understanding across diverse experiences, trusting partnerships, and willingness to let go of limiting assumptions. The EABOK is not a rigid mandate but rather a compass for the journey.

The Enterprise Agility Dynamics complement the EABOK by clearly conveying the fundamental pillars and their interdependence. Having this high-level perspective of how the essential components interconnect provides crucial context.

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