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As someone passionate about creating positive change, you know how valuable it is to have great resources that spark new insights and opportunities. That's why we've brought together an amazing collection of workbooks and infographics created just for you by our talented community of Enterprise Agility experts.

These handpicked guides represent a treasure trove of practical wisdom curated from years of real-world experience. Our contributors have distilled their knowledge into engaging, visual formats designed to be easy to absorb and apply.

For instance, our Enterprise Agility workbooks walk you step-by-step through important frameworks like the BOIS model or techniques to build the new social contrtact required for companies exposed to constant change. You'll gain a deeper, working understanding of core concepts through reflective exercises, recommendations, and practival tips.

Our workbooks make it simple to directly integrate what you learn into your current initiatives and role.

At the same time, our infographic posters give you thought-provoking visual overviews of key Enterprise Agility principles and models.

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