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The world of work is changing faster than ever before. As HR leaders or similar, you are tasked with supporting our organizations and workforce through this accelerated change.

Traditional ways of working are no longer sufficient—we need new frameworks and mindsets to build agile, responsive and innovative companies. This is where Enterprise Agility comes in.

Enterprise Agility provides a holistic approach to organizational agility that goes beyond teams or software development. It is a way of thinking and an ecosystem of frameworks that help companies sense changes in the market, empower people, and constantly adapt products, services, leadership styles and business models.

At its core, Enterprise Agility is about creating a mobilizing purpose, building collaboration, and taking a humanistic approach to business. As HR professionals, these ideals align closely with our mission to support the organization's objectives while fostering workforce wellbeing.

Some key ways Enterprise Agility can help HR leaders:

The Enterprise Agility ecosystem give us a toolkit to sense our workforce needs, adapt our people practices accordingly and respond with agility. This empowers us to build organizations that can thrive in the face of constant exponential change.

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