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Starting to apply the four aspects of Individuals, Change, Strategy, and Leadership in an organization is an exciting journey that requires care, collaboration, and commitment. Here are some ideas that have helped organizations get started:

  1. Begin by bringing together a guiding coalition of influencers across departments and levels who feel inspired by this holistic approach. Share with them why you feel the four aspects model creates new possibilities for progress. Explore together how the interconnectedness of people, processes, innovation, and leadership often gets overlooked today, limiting an organization's agility and potential.

  1. Then facilitate immersive sessions where groups map their current reality through the lens of the four aspects. What strengths or gaps emerge? How do they see the aspects interacting now? Are there disconnects causing friction? This mapping builds a shared understanding of where the organization is today. It also reveals where introducing greater alignment between aspects could reduce constraints and multiply strengths.

With this baseline established, identify 1-2 priorities for improving the relationships between aspects to increase organizational responsiveness and empower individuals. Maybe current strategies aren't resonating with employees' values or leaders lack visibility into changing consumer dynamics.

Perhaps innovation processes feel too top-down or rigid. Focus on increments that address the most critical constraints or disconnects revealed during the mapping.

Remember that this is a journey, not a single initiative. Changing mindsets and skills takes time. As a guiding coalition, model the behaviors and thinking you want to see spread. Nurture curiosity, candor, trust, and compassion. Help people recognize how their roles contribute to aspect integration and shared progress. Celebrate small steps and insights that indicate the four aspects are taking root.

Keep mapping to the aspects regularly to guide strategy and measure progress. Each cycle will reveal new possibilities for alignment and empowerment. Over time, optimizing the relationships between Individuals, Change, Strategy and Leadership will become second nature, allowing your organization to respond to opportunities and challenges with enterprise agility, resilience and shared purpose.

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