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The Three Foundational Pillars of Enterprise Agility provide an essential model for companies navigating accelerated change and disruption. Rather than relying on a rigid methodologies or frameworks, the pillars allow flexibility to choose the components that best fit an organization's unique situation and needs. At the same time, the pillars give a structure and common language to make sense of complexity.

The first pillar, The Science of Accelerated Change, arms companies with the behavioral science, strategic mobility, and neuroscience needed to understand change dynamics and the human experience. With this knowledge, leaders can support people through uncertainty and foster the agility to continuously adapt.

The second pillar, Components to Strengthen People and Organizations, equips companies with practical tools like the TriValue Business Model, Universal Outcomes, and Universal Agreements. These empower people with psychological safety, autonomy, and belonging so they can thrive amidst unpredictability. They also align the organization to shared goals beyond profit, like environmental sustainability and workforce wellbeing.

Finally, the third pillar, Models to Sense, Adapt and Respond to Exponential Markets, provides the mechanisms to continuously evaluate opportunities, make complex choices, and mobilize the organization with speed and resilience. Frameworks like the Enterprise Agility Radar dynamically track key indicators of agility across dimensions like innovation, collaboration, and mental agility.

Together, these pillars give companies a comprehensive toolkit rooted in science and human-centered design. Rather than a one-size-fits-all methodology, Enterprise Agility offers flexible components to integrate as needed. With the pillars' shared language and inclusive vision, it also fosters greater diversity of perspectives for creativity and innovation. In essence, the pillars empower organizations to unleash human potential in the face of unrelenting change and shared progress.