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An inclusive ecosystem is needed in Enterprise Agility to bring together diverse perspectives and enable collaboration across disciplines. For too long, leaders, academics, and change professionals have operated in isolation, unable to meaningfully share insights and ideas between their fields. This fragmentation has slowed progress as each group lacks a framework broad enough to incorporate insights from other areas or translate concepts across domains.

Enterprise Agility seeks to bridge this gap by providing an open, inclusive philosophical vision and ecosystem. The three foundational pillars—the Science of Accelerated Change, Components to Strengthen Organizations and People, and Models to Sense, Adapt and Respond - offer a common language and perspective that enables continuous discovery and connects professionals from diverse backgrounds.

With this shared starting point on exponential change and the human experience, scientists, leaders, change agents and others can explore new strategies, practices and models to build organizational adaptability, innovation and wellbeing together. The pillars serve as a lingua franca that promotes cognitive diversity, allowing professionals in different fields to engage in a unified dialogue and share their expertise across disciplines.

Insights from neuroscience, social sciences, technology and business can now seamlessly combine within a flexible framework. Innovation often occurs at the intersection of diverse ways of thinking. By bringing together people from different backgrounds around the foundational pillars, Enterprise Agility fosters the creativity, problem-solving and discovery urgently needed to navigate today's disruptive business environment.

The inclusive ecosystem creates connections to share knowledge and progress as never before. It shows the immense possibilities when we move beyond silos to cultivate shared understanding. This collaborative approach is key to advancing organizations and society in the face of increasingly complex challenges. Enterprise Agility provides the inclusive foundation to make it happen.