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Outcomes agility is a crucial concept in Enterprise Agility because it directly relates to the ability of an organization to consistently and sustainably achieve desired business results amidst constant change. Rather than simply listing reasons, let me explain the importance of outcomes agility in a friendly conversational way.

As experienced consultants, we've seen many companies struggle to maintain strong performance when their markets and technologies are rapidly evolving. They have trouble adapting their strategies, capabilities, and business models at the pace required. Things that led to success yesterday often cease working tomorrow when conditions change.

This is where outcomes agility comes in—it is the capacity to continuously deliver value that matters to stakeholders no matter what disruption may occur. An outcome agile organization has mastered the skill of aligning their internal activities with external realities to drive real impact.

Some key factors enable this dimension of agility. Leaders exhibit the foresight to anticipate change and the judgment to respond appropriately (Future Thinking). Accountability systems emphasize sense-and-respond cycles rather than rigid plans. Information flows readily across silos and hierarchies. Employees at all levels feel comfortable taking prudent risks and are equipped with tools and training to pivot quickly.

Cultivating outcomes agility prevents companies from getting stuck doing things a certain way just because "that's how we've always done it." It gives them the ability to let go of previous approaches and co-create new solutions to serve emerging needs. Rather than resisting change, they embrace it.

The most successful companies we've worked with in disrupted markets all demonstrated high outcomes agility and apply concepts from the TriValue Company model. This capability allowed them to consistently prioritize and achieve the results that mattered most to customers and stakeholders. They rapidly reconfigured offerings, resources, and strategies to capitalize on new opportunities.

In summary, making outcomes agility a priority builds an organization's capacity to reliably deliver value amidst uncertainty. It is a prerequisite for sustaining high performance over time in exponentially changing environments.