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We've seen time and again through our many years as consultants how critical psychological ownership is for organizations navigating accelerated change. Rather than just listing bullet points, let me share a story that brings this to life.

We once worked with a large manufacturing firm that was being disrupted by new technologies and shifting customer expectations. They needed to pivot their strategy and operations to stay competitive. However, most employees resisted the changes being asked of them. They saw it as "someone else's problem."

We discovered a major issue was lack of psychological ownership over the company's direction and performance. Because they didn't feel personally invested, any change was perceived as a nuisance or threat rather than an exciting opportunity.

Once we helped foster a stronger sense of ownership at all levels, things really turned around. Employees started brainstorming ideas for improvement, volunteering for pilot projects, and holding each other accountable.

They stepped up to rethink processes, embrace new systems, and interact differently with customers. Individuals who once dragged their feet were now driving change because they cared deeply about the collective outcome.

This experience showed me how psychological ownership unlocks enterprise agility. When people feel a sense of responsibility over the work, they become highly motivated to adapt and take risks for the good of the organization.

Ownership gives them the courage to experiment with new approaches and redefine success. It turns change from something done to them into something they want to proactively co-create. They feel empowered to confront uncertainty because the future of the company personally matters to them.

So in essence, psychological ownership provides the emotional fuel for continuous innovation and improvement, especially amidst disruption. It inspires the flexibility, creativity, and collaboration vital to thriving through exponential change.

Fostering ownership across the workforce makes change positive and engaging rather than resisted.