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The Enterprise Agility bifocal approach is an essential mindset shift that allows organizations to see both short-term realities and long-term possibilities simultaneously. As an experienced change consultants, we've found this to be a game-changer for companies struggling to balance urgent demands with strategic vision.

In our rapidly changing world, it's easy for leaders to become trapped in a reactive cycle, forever focused on the latest crisis or profit report. While operational excellence matters, an obsessive focus on the short-term can cause stagnation. Opportunities for innovation and growth pass by unseen.

The bifocal approach counteracts this tendency by training our brains to zoom out and zoom in—correcting our natural nearsightedness. The zoom out perspective enables us to notice emerging trends, shifting market forces and future needs. The zoom in view grounds us in current conditions, capabilities and constraints.

The bifocal approach uses Spots Indicators for 0-12 months and Futures (from EA Future Thinking) for 12 to 36 months.

By consciously shifting between macro and micro focus, we avoid either extreme. The long-term does not become a vague abstraction. The now does not consume all our attention. We learn to operate seamlessly across timeframes.

This fluidity allows for greater alignment between strategic intent and daily decisions. With the bifocal view, the future guides our steps in the present. Every project and task ladders up to a bigger vision.

Of course, this versatile perspective is a skill that must be developed through practice. Leaders and teams need time to reflect and discuss what they observe through the bifocal lenses. With experience, the approach unlocks creativity, innovation and shared purpose.

While urgent matters still require our diligence, the bifocal approach keeps us moving toward the possible future we want to build. We walk with eyes wide open, discerning new pathways forward together.

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