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As experienced change consultants, we've seen how critical indicators can be for organizations navigating complexity and volatility.

In times of accelerated change, traditional metrics and planning cycles struggle to keep pace. Things are shifting too rapidly to rely solely on lagging indicators and annual strategy reviews. Leading indicators that monitor emerging trends, opportunities and risks are vital. They allow you to course-correct in real-time when needed.

Indicators also build a shared understanding of priorities across the organization. This alignment on mission-critical goals is the glue that enables empowered teams to operate effectively amid ambiguity. When people have internalized the key measures of success through regular review of indicators, they can make thousands of micro-decisions that add up to something meaningful.

Finally, indicators track progress. In dynamic contexts where the path forward isn't always linear, having goalposts to aim for provides motivation and evidence you're moving the needle. As humans, we need this sense of progress and meaning to engagement with change, even when the specific destination is unclear.

In summary, I've found indicators invaluable for rapidly responding to threats, seizing opportunities early, retaining strategic alignment, empowering teams and sustaining morale during major transitions. They provide a north star when navigating the fog of uncertainty towards Shared Progress.